How to Conserve the Environment Essay

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Conservation of the environment are at the top of environmental group’s mind nowadays. As much attention as this subject gets from them, it gets just as much ignoring by the many people. Most of them feel compelled to help or contribute, yet few seldom do carry out their intentions. This is a very serious subject that needs to receive immediate and full attention from the government and the general public. Only they can truly make a difference.
Thus, ways to both parties involve in conserving the environment keen to maintain our country wide diversity of flora and fauna.
In developed countries and urban areas, the use of print, broadcast, and Internet media can be a great way to increase education and awareness by the government. By
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Furthermore, for the general public by making wise choices about how you live, and the amount of energy and natural resources you consume, you send a clear message to the world. Here are simple things you can do as a citizen to help protect the environment and save Planet Earth.
Every time you leave your car at home you reduce air pollution, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improve your health and save money to conserve the environment. Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips, or take public transportation for longer ones. In 30 minutes, most people can easily walk a mile or more, and you can cover even more ground on a bicycle, bus, and subway or commuter train. Research has shown that people who use public transportation are healthier than those who don’t. Families that use public transportation can save enough money annually to cover their food costs for the year.

Besides that, producing plastic bags uses a lot of natural resources, and most end up as litter that fouls landscapes, clogs waterways, and kills thousands of marine mammals that mistake the ubiquitous bags for food. Worldwide, up to a trillion plastic bags are used and discarded every year—more than a million per minute. The count for paper bags is lower, but the cost in natural resources is still unacceptably high—especially when there is a better alternative. Reusable shopping bags made of materials that don’t harm the environment during production

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