Andrew Miller Rhetorical Analysis

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In this article on teaching strategies Andrew Miller, an education consultant and online educator, informs the readers how to “empower” students to be “self-directed learners,” thus not suffer from learned helplessness. The article gives some specific ideas on how to discourage learned helplessness. Some of these ideas are to encourage students to look every where for information and answers, teachers can use questions to encourage students to think, instead of having the typical questions that have a correct answer, teachers should also encourage students to find the answer on their own. All these methods and more are encouraged by this article.

This article tells many different ways to help students perform better in school. This article
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Parents and teachers need to encourage children. According to the article praise encourages perfectionism and makes children need constant feedback. Instead of using praise parents and teachers need to encourage children to do well. Encouragement makes children confident and have a high self-esteem. This article gives examples of encouragement so it can be properly used with the student.

This article talks Dustin Sarver’s study about how fidgeting in class may help students with ADHD think in school. They believe that this is true because the more they move the more alert they are, however he explains that to much movement can distract them. Movement does not help typically developing students to think in school. Students should not worry about controlling their body moving and should be able to concentrate on learning.

This article tells about some challenges that people on the high end of the autism spectrum go through. Some of these challenges include extreme sensory issues, social “cluelessness,” anxiety and depression, lack of executive planning skills, emotional disregulation, difficulty with transitions and change, difficulty with following verbal communication. This article is easy to understand and gives people a basic understanding of what effects people on the the high end of the spectrum. It also emphasizes to the reader that autism is not easy to live

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