The Role And Responsibilities Of A Special Education Leader

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The responsibility of an administrator encompasses a tremendous amount of different areas, which make it difficult to be effective in all of them at the same time. Finding strategic ways to develop an approach to ensure all scholars are making progress in the classroom is not a job for one person. I feel I can succeed in this particular standard, as I can effectively execute a shared leadership approach. Holding the position of special education leader in my school for eight years has allowed me many opportunities to grow in this area.
For the past three years, I have been under the leadership of a gentleman who has done nothing but inspire me to become a leader and believe in my leadership abilities. He has taken the extra time and
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I do believe that we test too often, but if we are required to do it, why not use the information? As I have previously stated, collaborating with other teachers, especially those who are the same grade and subject area, can be extremely useful for everyone involved. Requiring bi-weekly common assessments to take place and analyze the data has been an approach I have found to be helpful as a teacher and instructional coach. I am always amazed by the conversations that take place when teacher have the data in their hands and can see strengths and weaknesses. I love being able to take these conversations to the next level but developing strategies and innovative ways to make sure every student is moving forward. I hope I will still be able to be a part of these conversations when I become an administrator! Having the data compiled in a binder is simply not enough. I also feel I have potential in this area due to my desire for continuous learning. Going back to graduate school has allowed me find my love for researching topics related to education. As a leader, it is important that I read and keep up to date on research -based practices to share with my teachers. I hope to provide effective insight when meeting with my teachers regarding their observations. It is not enough for me to point out areas of weakness, but I need to be able to provide solutions. Continuing to educate myself will be the best way for this to take place at my

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