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how to be sexy
How to be sexy:
How to be sexy, or another words, how to get to know your unique sexuality and become comfortable using it.
So much of what is broadcasted as ‘sexy’ in our society focuses on the physicality of sexuality. When I I was researching for this article, I did the classic ‘google my assignment question’ technique. What I found was a little disconcerting. One of the top results on my search browser was an article by an magazine that I both read and love. However, the whole article basically read that as females, to be considered sexy, one must always wear super tight dresses (red or black only please). Always wear high heels to work, and never leave the house without a perfect pedi, a Victoria Secret blowout and 'I just came back from the Bahamas tan’!
Wow, that sounds so expensive, and not
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They will generally pause and then describe a person who is comfortable with who they are, looks like they are having a great time and is open to interactions with others.
So, to be a bit more specific, I want to give you my tips and tricks for looking, acting and most importantly feeling your sexiest and best!
*before I begin, I want to talk quickly about slut shaming or in other words, making other people feel ashamed for looking or acting in a way that you might not agree with. This is just not cool. Every person has the right to express themselves without being judged and bullied. There is nothing wrong with liking attention! When we start being okay with other expressing themselves, we give ourselves the power to act, dress and look however we want! Okay, rant over Lets begin.

Smile: I know this sounds simple, but smiling actually released endorphins into the body, giving us an automatic ‘happy/ sexy boost’. Its really difficult to feel sexy when we are sad. So try smiling, and if you really cant manage, grab a pen, and stick it between your teeth. The brain doesn 't know then

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