How to Analyze an Expository Essay

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Expository writing, in general, is present everywhere. When you pick up a magazine or examine a newspaper article on the newsstand, you are reading a form of exposition because the author's main purpose of writing that article or essay is to inform the reader about a topic. In the classroom, many students are required to produce research papers about a specific topic, such as migration patterns of birds. The purpose of that research paper is to inform the reader, the teacher, about what are the migratory patterns of birds. Finally, at the workplace, many people are required to create business reports and memorandums to inform their supervisors and co-workers about the company's finances and progress. In order to analyze these expository …show more content…
Secondly, after you finish reading the expository essay, you need to figure out what type of expository essay it is. It could be division, classification, cause and effect, compare and or or contrast, process, or a definition essay. To clarify, a division essay breaks down a topic into its components, such as the ingredients for a recipe. Similar to a division essay, a classification essay break as down a topic into its distant types or kinds, like listing out the different forms of government. A cause and effect essay is associated with why thins happens, or the causes, and what happens as a result, or the effects. A compare and or or contrast exposition provides an open-minded analysis of two or more subjects to note the similarities and differences, or if it is just a contrast essay, it makes a comparison between two or more topics to highlight the differences. A process essay describes the procedures of an activity. Lastly, a definition essay defines a word, concept, or term in depth by providing personal commentary and experiences. The essay could contain elements of other kinds of essays, such as description and or or narration, but be careful; do not confuse these as elements of an expository essay. Do not let it influence your judgement on what type of expository essay you are reading. How is this possible? One part of the essay could contain a story telling element, while

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