How Thermal Power Plant Situated At The Nearest Town Of The Student

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Abstract 2
Thermal Power Station 2
1 Introduction 3
2 Technical Data of Power Plant 4
2.1 Technical data 4
3.1 The Net Power Output 5
3.2 Type and Amount of Fuel Used 5
3.3 Power Consumed by the Pump, Fans, and other Auxiliary Equipment 5
3.4 Stack Gas Loses 7
3.5 Temperature at Several Locations 7
3.6 Rate of Heat Rejection at Condenser 7
3.7 Desulphurisation 7
3.8 Plant settings 8
4 Gas Losses 9
5 Temperature at several locations 9
6 Rate of heat rejection at condenser 9
7 Entropy 10
Conclusion 11
Reference 11

This is Thermodynamics BMM2673 Project which an individual assessment given to analyse and determine the thermal power plant situated to the nearest town of the student. I 'm Kavintaran Ratnam the ID no MH14064 proposed to commence this project. With full of focus analysation. I have choose to study about the Manjung power plant in Manjung, Perak. The whole project thesis is supervised by Dr. Thamir Khalil Ibrahim who is also the lecturer for the subject. I would like to take this moment to thank him for all his cooperation 's and advises in successfully completing this thesis.

Thermal Power Plant The Thermal power plant is a power plant in which change heat energy to electric power. In most of the plant, the prime mover is steam driven turbine and generators. When water is heated, its turns into steam and spins the steam turbine and the turbine drives an electrical generator to produce a huge amount of…

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