Essay on How The Uses Of Use Of In Sports

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How To Reduce The Use of Steriods In Sports
The use of steroids has been a big problem. Professional players use it to improve their performance and to make them better. Steroids can also hurt the image of professionals because it is illegal for athletes to take any sort of substance. Players when being caught taking illegal substance many the times players lose sponsors because it is illegal steroids. When professional players of any sports are caught taking steroids, they are fined lots of money and even suspended for extended periods of time depending on the situation of the problem.
According to debate on steroid state” major league baseball in the 20th century came across an era of steroid use. Two players are known as Mark McGwire and berry bonds two the best players in major league baseball who set major league records were tested positive for steroid use in baseball also another case of steroid found. According to debate on steroid state” Ben Johnson one of the most famous athletes a Canadian runner was later discovered to have taken part in using steroid an illegal substance. Also, something, even more, worse he was banned from the track infield where he practices and competed. He became prohibited from participating for an extended period. He lost one of his gold medals he had won in a 100-meter competition had been tested positive for using steroids. Seeing the problems and temptations these athletes…

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