How The Divorce Rate Has Been Booming All Over The World? Essay

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Over the last few decades, Online Matchmaking websites have been booming all over the world. Matchmaking websites have been matching singles and divorced couples, making it easier for people to find their true soulmate. Although online dating is making a rise all over the world, divorce rates are also on the rise all over the world. Back decades ago, divorcing wasn’t a common thing. Families usually stayed together rather than splitting apart. In 1960 studies showed that the divorce rate was higher than it had been in 1940. “Public Opinion is swinging back more toward restrictive divorce laws. (Support for tougher laws is strong among young adults, many of whom directly felt the consequences of divorce as children.) (Galston, Summer 1996)” The rate of divorce has been trending upward more than a century as, (Galston, Summer 1996) also says. A generation ago, marriage was thought as a moral. Today, marriage is thought more of an achieving personal fulfillment. Between 1960-1980 the divorce rate has surged by nearly 250% and according to studies 60% of marriages will not endure today. 40% of marriages will suffer. There was an estimated amount of 485,000 divorces in 1966, and today you can only image there’s at least over 1 million. Divorce is imposed by large costs on society as a whole. Children have become to develop post-divorce/psychological behavior. This has a negative effect on the well-being of children such as, school performance, high school completion, college…

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