How The Current Childhood Immunization Legislation Impacted The School Nurse Practice And The Health Of Our Populations

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Nursing and Policy

According to Nies & McEwen (2015), the delivery of health care, which includes nursing practice, is influenced by policies instituted by private entities and the government. Understanding the development of health policies and their implementation has an impact on nursing practice and the health of our populations. In this discussion, I will review how a school nurse can become more politically involved in the issue of childhood immunization and examine the current legislation related to childhood immunization. I will discuss if I feel any legislation needs to be changed. I will consider how I would convey to my elected representative how the current childhood immunization legislation impacts the school nurse nursing practice and explain what action is taken when meeting an elected representative. I will discuss if it is federal, state, or local legislation and why. Nurses are in a unique position to be involved in political issues related to health care. They are readily respected, trusted, and have access to firsthand knowledge of health care concerns and changes that need to be made. It has been shown historically that nurses make a significant difference in the quality of life of the people that live in the communities they serve (Nies & McEwen, 2015). Health care reform is an ongoing process that requires the assistance of nurses to recognize problems,…

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