Most Important Importance Of Immunizations

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Immunization in children is very important for them and the general public. "Infectious diseases were historically the most significant wasters of human life, but now they have been controlled by many methods, including Improved proved nutrition, sanitation, and housing and, more recently, the development of immunizations and antibiotics. Immunizations are undoubtedly the most significant contribution of science to the control disease. Smallpox has been eliminated from the face of the earth by the worldwide campaign of the World Health Organization; the last case in the world occurred in 1977 and the disease was declared eradicated in 1980. Polio, which crippled 20,000 Americans a year in the early 1950s, no longer …show more content…
Many people have become complacent about immunizations because of the rarity of the diseases they prevent. In addition, there have always been problems in the use of immunizations. However, the risks of the vaccines are usually minimal when compared with the risks of the diseases they prevent. Because the bacteria and viruses responsible for causing infectious illnesses may be spread by contact with people, animals, or airborne droplets, avoidance is often impossible. Fortunately, protection by immunizations is simple and effective. We feel that immunizations are vital to children’s health," (Pantell, …show more content…
There are people that for some reasons like weak immune systems due to things like chemotherapy, or auto-immune diseases, that can 't get the vaccines. Also until an infant is 24 months, they are not fully vaccinated. It is important to help these people you care about. "We don 't just immunize for ourselves or for our babies. We immunize for everybody else and all the babies," he said. "It 's a selfish thing to choose not to be immunized because you 're creating a danger to everybody else 's unimmunized newborn babies and to those who are not able to immunize because of some medical reason or a very rare deficiency." (Miner, 2015)

Reading articles upon articles of both sides of this topic, immunizations are needed. They are needed now and in the future. Even though we don 't have much direct contact with these awful diseases in the US, they can still happen. Prevention is so important to healthy kids and adults. The risks of immunizations far outweigh the risks of not vaccinating your children. Having a child die of a preventable disease would be an awful thing for any parent to go through.

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