How The Cardiovascular System Affects Each Other And Why? Essay

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Introduction This experiment will aid in explaining the importance of the cardiovascular system. It will also show insight into the constructs of the anatomy of the heart, blood vessels used and how this effects ones heart rate, blood pressure and much more. The goal is to understand why each function of the cardiovascular system effects each other and why? In this experiment one will conduct a few trials consisting of taking ones blood pressure and heart rate while preforming different tasks. Then take the results and compare the data from the deferent heart rates of a person walking and resting. My hypothesis is that when walking for 3 mins ones heart rate will increase due to blood being pump through the arteries. That one of the reasons for this is due to the blood pressure building up from walking. In the body the cardiovascular system is “a closed circulatory system with a heart and branching network of arteries, capillaries, and veins. The system is characteristic of vertebrates” (Campbell and Jane, pg. G-6). Goldstein and Cipollini stated that a “great amount of pressure is used to pump the blood throughout the body” (pg. 109). This could help explain why the pressure increase if someone were to exercise.
When starting the experiment two test runs are done by the students. The test runs are to assure that the student can complete the assignment correctly before starting the procedure. Each student takes turns using a stethoscope and a blood…

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