How The Bible For All Its Worth By Gordon Fee And Douglas Stuart

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How to Read the Bible for All its Worth: Report

How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart is about ways to interpret the bible on your own and read it for all its valuation. There are many ways one can read the bible but the most common way to read it is reading the words and obeying the rules of God without fully taking it in for all of its worth and teachings.
How to Read the Bible for all its Worth opens up in a comment about people not interpreting the bible but only reading it and doing what it says. This is the main topic of chapter one, the need to interpret, that sets the scale for the rest of the book. According to the dictionary, interpret means “to give or provide the meaning of or to to construe or understand in a particular way.” While reading this book, it talks about the idea of not just “reading through” the bible, but fully understanding it and creating meaning for it. Also, in chapter one it reads, “When Paul says, “Make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts”, people in most English-speaking cultures are apt to think that “flesh” means the “body” and therefore that Paul is speaking of ‘bodily appetites’.” It’s all said that in this particular case, the word “flesh” doesn’t refer to the body but refers to “sinful nature.” So if the reader just reads the text and fails to interpret, it comes off as incorrect information.
As this part comes to a close it opens up with chapter two that talks about the interpretation…

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