How The Best Leaders Around The World Motivate And Motivate The People Working For Them?

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How do the best leaders in the world motivate and inspire the people working for them? The answer is through communication (Froschheiser, n.d.). According to Froschheiser (n.d.), “In business leadership, they preach ‘communication, communication, communication.’” In this paper I will be describing effective ways to communicate and how Ben Williams should communicate with his team better.
Leadership and Communication
It doesn’t matter what aspect of your life it is whether it is, (your job, your social life, or your private life) the most important tool in all of these aspects is communication. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about whether it is sports, politics, or food, communication is still the most important factor. So it is pretty clear that in a leadership position the most important skill to learn is communication. Here are a couple of reasons why communication is and will always be a two-way process (Froschheiser, n.d.).
Ways to Have Good Communication
First you have to prepare the way you will communicate which is clarifying the goals of the conversation, planning the message before it gets sent or meeting them, and always anticipate what their reaction might be. Second, deliver the message: express your meaning with conviction, relate the conversation to larger goals, tell them the action they need to take, and make sure the other person understands what you are talking about. Third is receiving the message; in this part you need to keep an open mind,…

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