How Technology Is Changing The Nature Of Customer Service And Service Offerings

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Differentiating Between Services and Goods
Good and services are products which are sold by a company to meet a consumer’s needs. They are the tangible and intangible things that we benefit from in our everyday life. Whether durable goods such as a car that we drive to work in, or the service that our garbage man provides, we are surrounded by products and services we purchase that drive the economy. This paper will describe the differences between goods and services and how technology is changing the nature of customer service and service offerings.
Goods and Services Defined Goods are products that have “…tangible attributes that a consumer’s five senses can perceive” (Hartley & Kerin, 2016). “Services are intangible activities or benefits that an organization provides to satisfy consumers’ needs” (Hartley & Kerin, 2016). Services are a more significant contributor to the US gross domestic product (GDP) doubling the value of goods.
Goods fall into two categories, durable and nondurable goods. Durable goods are those that are longer lasting such as home furniture, a watch, or even a pair of jeans. Nondurable goods are those that are consumed after one or two uses such as food and fuel (Hartley & Kerin, 2016).
According to Hartley & Kerin, services can be distinguished from goods by examining four key criteria; intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory (Hartley & Kerin, 2016). Intangibility simply means that you cannot look at or feel a…

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