How Technology Has Transformed The Way We Eat Today Essay

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“Science has transformed the way we eat today” (Understanding Science how science really works, para.5). Over 200 years ago, 90% of the U.S. population lived on farms and produced their own food to eat. But today, only two percent of the population produces the food, including fruits, vegetables, meats, and fairy, that everyone eats (Prax, 2010). That is an extremely big sum of change of people that stopped making their own food since back then, everyone made their own food and food for others to eat. Farmers use technology to make developments in constructing more food for a growing world. Through the use of technology, every farmer is able to feed 155 people today, compared to 1940, when one farm could feed merely 19 people (Prax,2010). The technologies that farmers use today are motorized equipment, modified housing for animals and biotechnology, and that allows development in agriculture. Because of the technology in the modern day, farmers can feed a lot more people and it doesn’t need as much people to work on farms now to feed their families then it use to be. Because of the changes in the equipment that farmers use, it made a gigantic impact on the way that farmers are now capable to grow food. If we were still in the past without these equipment’s then farmers would only still be doing the field work by only hand and with horse drawn equipment. It would take a lot more time to complete than it does today. Because it took more time, it means that farms tend to be…

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