How Technology Has Dramatically Since The United States Essay

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Group Project
Classroom procedure has changed drastically since the United States found themselves in 28th place for worldwide academic standards (BBC). So we tried to play catch up, we decided that our education system needed to change, and it did. But the question remains: where all of our changes for the better? The national art budget was cut or eliminated in many districts (Why the Arts Matter), technology has overrun our schools, and through it all gender bias still rules the classroom. The education system in American must change, but we need to get to the root of the problem, not just fix the symptoms.
Education has been on a constant technical upgrade for many years. The use of technology has nearly taken over the classrooms with negative and positive effects. Technology has its positives as far as easy student and teacher communication, online testing/activities with automatic grading, electronic teachers to assist and a lot more. Although the positives, the negative points may outrun the idea of an electronic classroom. Research from Patricia Greenfield proves that due to the overuse of technology with education, skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined. Reading for pleasure increases the imagination and thinking, vocabulary, reflection and induction in a way that sitting in front of a computer screen or T.V. cannot initiate. Another study Greenfield came across was the test score difference in a group of students who were encouraged to use an…

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