The Importance Of Gender Bias In Schools

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Gender bias occurs when people have a prejudice in favor of or against someone regarding behaviors, abilities, or preferences of others based upon their gender. Because there are strong gender role stereotypes for the male and female rolls, students who do not match them can encounter problems with teachers and with their peers. For example, the expectation is that boys naturally exhibit boisterous, unruly behavior, are academically able, rational. Then there is the assumption that girls are quiet, polite, and thoughtful. Girls are also expected to possess better social skills than boys and to excel at reading and the language arts. So girls who present discipline problems for teachers, or quiet, studious boys, may encounter a lack of understanding …show more content…
Not only because women are paid less, but also what professions they gravitate towards. At what point is this not only the school system causing all of these issues, but the society we live in. I feel this is related to the blue and pink debate recently. People are starting to notice how today society is, and how the media is portraying the gender rolls, and they aren’t always fitting for every person. I watched a video of the cutest little girl the other day, and she was in target complaining about how everything girl was pink, and she just wanted the Legos, but they were in the “boy’s” section. I feel like recently this is more acceptable for girls to be interested in boy things because she is just a “tom boy”. When the rolls are reversed on the other hand, it seems as if people react more. There was an episode of Brain Games on T.V. a few days ago, where a boy lost his hat. They strategically placed the hot pink sequenced hat and when they knew someone had noticed it, the mom and her boy asked the person if they had seen his hat. Many people said that they hadn’t because they didn’t put two and two together. As the night went on they then started to notice a trend. Women had no problem with the boy wearing a pink sequenced hat. Whereas men would often say something to the effect of “but he is a …show more content…
With most people in today’s society focusing on how girls are oppressed, it was refreshing to see her start out with the cold hard facts that boys are faced with in our current school system. These statistics she gives us are really disappointing. I didn’t know it was this bad when I first read the article. With our discussion in class it makes complete sense. Relating this to the reading we have done in the past where children of minorities don’t have the roll models like them in school men don’t ether. They do have more of a chance having a male teacher than minorities do with having a minority teacher, but with a female dominated career like teaching I can see how this would be a struggle. Women can sometimes be quick to blame the child, because we don’t empathize with how the male brain works, and label him as needing special

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