Essay about How Technology Has Changed Our Society

797 Words Feb 25th, 2016 4 Pages
The world around us is constantly changing. Every year intelligent minds are moving on from high schools and colleges to embark upon the “real world”, where they offer their skills and insight, ultimately changing the world as they were taught to do. Teachers of the past have done their part in crafting the minds of children, who have successfully moved on to become the individuals of today, who have designed our advanced society. However, the job is not yet done. Our job as the instructors of today, is to prepare our children, not for a society that existed twenty years ago and not for the society that exists at this moment, but for the future that is waiting to be created. Presenting intelligent minds, which are equipped and well prepared to offer new and meaningful ideas, to a world which is constantly changing and demanding more, requires molding children who are both full of dexterity and the ability to adapt to change. With this, we must not only see a change in the students curriculum, but teachers must also venture into new roles themselves. A successful person has broadly been defined as an active participant in high school, who receives a diploma and then moves onto college, where they further their knowledge until receiving a bachelor’s degree. Once they have accordingly followed procedure, only then, have they properly been prepared to endeavor into the world, where they will face success. With this being the stereotype of success, student’s abilities and…

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