Essay How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

1213 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
With every passing day we as a human race convert more into a digital age. The days of checks and newspapers are soon to become a thing of the past and just about everything that we use will be moved into digital form. In fact, current technology has made it easier to manage day to day life from nearly anywhere. We have reached a point in time that we can use cell phones to pay for purchases, manage bank accounts while sitting at a restaurant, and share as well as chronologically track everything we do through social media. Although this is extremely helpful in many situations, there are drawbacks. We have also made it to a point in time where almost everything we do is tracked such as our shopping habits, travel habits, and in some cases our every move. Though this is beneficial, at what point do we draw the line? There is no denying the online presence that we have woven into society, nor can we deny its great value to us, but we need to be tactful about when and how it is used. There needs to be a set standard for which potential employers can draw from online profiles, people need to become educated on what is appropriate to share with the world, and as avid users of the internet we are responsible for ushering the next generation into this digital world that we have created. Everyone that uses a social media site fabricates a personality that they want the world to see. Every day we see Facebook posts about whatever the writer decides to project about…

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