How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Bloop! You Got a Message! Ding! You got a message. That “Ding!” one hears can be a bit annoying, but that is heard around the world and is very common. Texting, social media, cell phones, and new technological advancement just keep our lives ever more fascinating. In today’s society this been integrated in our everyday lives. Our access to technology has changed our ways of communication.
The Rise of Technology With the increase of technology it gives rise to many innovations. One of the most important innovations of our time is the cellphones. Today, people can now use what would be considered as a computer during the 1900s, in the palm of our hands. The accessibility of the cellphone has instantly changed our way of life. We have indeed become extremely dependent on our technological advancements. On occasions, people would even use a cellphone to tell time, when they have watches conveniently placed on their wrist. Where would some of our famous actors be without the use of socials media, such as Facebook, to promote their upcoming movie? Consequently, in need of viewers and their sales would plummet drastically do to the competition with advertising being their biggest selling point. Society revolves around the access of technology we use today. We can probably not go one day without panicking about losing one’s cellphone.
Being Social In today’s culture, it is very common to give out information about themselves over the internet; such as, Facebook, Tumblr, or…

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