How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay

1495 Words Nov 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Since the evolution of modern technology we have been faced with so many new and amazing things. It has led to incredible feats, such as laptops, GPS systems, and touch screen watches. The biggest we have seen is the modernization of the cellphone, and it has made the biggest impact in our lives. Some may say it has saved them, some will argue it has ruined their life. But the cellphone didn’t start causing problems until social media came into play. Once cellphones became touch screen friendly and allowed internet access, social media started to sink its teeth in and placed a wall in front of us to social interaction. Where will this leave or lead society?

Let’s face it, the future is here. The world is not spinning in reverse and we are not moving backwards. Technology is not at a stand-still and leads a majority of sells throughout each year, from game systems to smart watches. Not only have we seen an increase in social media throughout different pieces of equipment, we’ve seen the rise of the king in cellphones.
Once social media hit majorly in 2003 with Myspace, there was an increase of users in viral media, and social interaction through computers. This spiked interest in others and they as well started their own websites to use in social media. Now there are thousands of apps or websites for you to use in social interaction, without ever physically interacting; and that’s all thanks to the creation of the app capabilities of cell phones. “People now exist on…

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