Essay on How Technology Has Changed Our Future

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A New iEra On The Way
I was born in the late 90’s, where technology wasn’t that important in my life growing up. Yes, there was cell phones, television, dial-up, and computers. Today, all those items have evolved into smart-phones, smart-TV, high speed internet, and tablets; everything has become more and more advance. People cannot wait until the next new hot item in the market. People crave this advance technology, but what they do not realize is that technology might be cruel, depending how people use it. I came across Tyler Cowen’s article, “Work and Wages in iWorld”, which explains the technology revolution in the world happening today and the disturbing consequences it might bring in the future. In Cowen’s writing and in my personal experiences, the role that technology has taken or will take on society in the future will affect employment, relationships, and education growth throughout this country. Whether people are ready or not there is going to be a different aspect in life with technology.
Employment prospects are going to go through new directions; if technology comes into play, meaning bring machinery into companies and replacing people’s careers. In the article it claims, “Workers more and more will come to be classified into two categories” (Cowen). What the author is trying to say is that if people have the knowledge of working with computers, they are more likely to obtain a stable job and go onto the wealthy scale. Unlike the people that do not have any…

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