How Technology Can Help English Language Learners Essay

1211 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Statement of Research Problem
The United States has seen an influx of international students over the past decade. The increasing number of students that enter the U.S. education who are not proficient in English has been challenging for educators. In order to alleviate some the stress on the student 's behalf many companies have begun producing software and other various forms of technology to help support these students’ education. These are students that not only have to develop critical skills, but they also have to do so in a language that is foreign to them. Technology can play vital role within this community of learners and provide them with support they might otherwise be missing. Some advantages of using technology to help English Language Learners (ELLs) is that it provides supplemental activities as well as immediate feedback. It is necessary for this population of students to practice the language outside of the classroom and technology provides them with the avenue to do so. Potential disadvantages of technological support for students would be that it may not be in sync with what is being taught in class; also online activities do not foster creativity which could harm students in the long run especially when it comes to reading and writing. Many ELL students may know how to read and write in English, but they lack the ability to converse casually with native speakers. The research problem asks the question, does the supplemental software and technologies help…

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