How Technology Affects Our Society Essay

1026 Words Jul 8th, 2016 null Page
Technology is always growing and changing. We can now do things we never thought possible. Each day the world creates something new to offer. It’s no question that technology affects our society in many different ways it provides many negative tools that many places use for grocery shopping from evading consumer privacy, quick and easy access to information, taking away consumer options, and even taking out competitor companies. Technology is sometime negative in our society. It takes away from consumers, spy’s on the consumer, and can even change what consumers may want.

To begin, this technology can be used as a negative tool by evading customer privacy. For example, many average grocery store shoppers, may go into a Target and not know they are being recorded. People such as Paco Undersell study shoppers as research to try and stay up to date with society and its shoppers. But who are they to decide if a consumer wants to be on camera According to Malcom Gladwell in The Science of Shopping, “Frivolity of shopping experience runs an undercurrent if manipulation, and that anxiety has rarely seemed more justified than today.” (99) This camera is watching to see what a consumer buys the most, copying down routes a shopper may take throughout the store. It monitors consumer behavior, and it is not right, just think if someone said they didn 't know they were being monitored, and wanted to be edited out of the video footage; wouldn’t that be reasonable? Even if the faces are…

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