Essay How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading

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Reading is an essential part of the growth of any person. John Holt in “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading” goes over the various factors of how teachers make students despise reading, and alternatives teachers can try to get students more motivated (Holt). Anne Cunningham in her article “What Reading Does for The Mind” goes over how not reading at an early age, and not reading in general can cause serious cognitive damage in children, and adults (Cunningham). Both articles are focused on the same topic, reading and how it affects us, but take very different approaches in the formats they portray their arguments. Holt focuses on how teachers forcing students to read makes them hate it. Alternatively, he suggests teachers suggest reading to their students (Holt). Cunningham would most likely disagree with Holt’s argument stating that it is imperative that students read so they develop proper vocabularies. There many different approaches to get students to read, that will also help to develop their vocabularies.
One alternative solution is that teachers assign reading books, make their students read them, and then pick out any words they don’t know to look up (Holt). Cunningham would agree with this approach based on the findings in Table 3 that shows students who read over over 20 minutes a day are exposed to 1.8 million new vocabulary words a year (Cunningham). Having a student read through a book, and look up any terms they are unfamiliar with, would help to build up…

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