Essay on How Stress Is Caused By Stress

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Stress is suffered a great deal by everybody throughout their lives, everyone suffers stress on different levels for different situations, in other words some people deal with stress better than others. Those who can’t effectively deal with stress often suffer from burnout after a certain period of time. In this essay I will discuss a personal experience that I had with stress and what I learnt from the experience after looking back on it with the knowledge about IHP and use that to better myself as an emerging IHP.

Stress is an individual 's biological, emotional and psychological response to a demanding or adverse situation or conditions, called stressors (Ross & Deverell, 2005:302). Stress is caused by factors called stressors, which are external factors i.e. the environment, but stress can be caused by internal factors, like a person’s expectations, hopes and fears.There are four major groups of stressors: personal stressors, family stressors, sociocultural stressors and work stressors. Personal stressors are the personality characteristics and individual factors that contribute towards burnout things like: age, sex and personality; people of different personalities in experience different frequencies of stress (Ross & Deverell, 2005:303). Studies have shown that males are more likely to experience burnout (Swindler & Ross, 1993). Family stressors, stress and burnout almost never affect only the individual person; it affects the individuals family…

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