How Sports Impact On Sports Essay

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As a sports fan, I was never truly aware of how sports impacted my daily routines. Nevertheless, watching sports were a part of my daily routine, as much as completing my homework and talking to my family. It was a daily necessity; I had to stay up to date on the stats and current news in the sports world. However, during my 72-hours abstaining from sports, I became aware that my consumption of sports no matter through what media source was constant and a little over obsessive. Therefore, taking a break from watching and engaging in sports at first was extremely difficult; however, after the first day, I noticed how much time I had to engage in other activities. Nevertheless, along with this assignment, forcing me to withdraw from sports, this experience opened my eyes to the social ideologies and stereotypes that not only plague the sports industry, but other entertainment industries such as the scripted and reality television industry and simply in society. In addition to becoming more aware and informed about the ills and negative ideologies that not only impact sports, but society, I was able to engage in more personal time with family members and relaxation time for myself. Overall, these 72-hours without sports have allowed me to once again, step back and critically analyze and recognize the social norms that continue to negatively impact all of society.
On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, I started on my three-day journey of living and engaging in the world without…

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