How Sports Can Help Children People And Children Live Without An Unknown Tomorrow

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As I drive or walk on the streets of Chicago, I see lots of homeless people around; which are often ignored by people like us. Some beg on traffic signals while others are by grocery stores. I see their torn clothes and scratchy hands. Sometimes I see children begging for some money to get food, while some go to schools wearing the same clothes for many days. It is very appalling to see that many homeless people and children live without an unknown tomorrow. I always get a thought that, what is the fault of these homeless children who are deprived so much in life? “Approximately 32% of children are homeless in Chicago.” (“Homeless Youth”). I feel very sorry for these kids and their future; so, I came up an idea that government should have some type of educational program, in schools, such as sports activities, musical concerts and art programs to help these kids have a brighter future. Sports can help them learn some valuable life skills, music can provide a way to express themselves in our society, and the arts can help them learn their own self. These government educational programs should mainly focus on kids who don’t have a family to help them create their identity in our diverse society.
Sports activities can help homeless children in learning new skills such as physical skills, Mathematical skills, and communication skills. Physical skills can enrich their coordination, stamina, and strength. Coordination is very useful to have healthy relationships with people,…

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