Essay about How Sports Affect The Development Of Children

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Throughout the world, there are differing views on how play effects the development of children. One of the most common play activities around the world and a great example would be soccer. Soccer can introduced at a very young age and helps to develop kids in many different ways. Soccer is a sport that is played with a ball on rather lager field. Players are divided into teams and the game begins with the ball in the middle of the field. The teams compete against one another by running around the field and kicking the ball back and forth till one team kicks the ball into the other teams goal. The ball is then moved back to the middle of the field and the game continues until the time runs out. Sports activities like soccer, play an impact on the physical, cognitive, and social needs of children. This impact can be seen in all countries who play soccer, including Scotland, Africa, and the United States. Now days, children begin to play sports like soccer very early on in life. According to the Rafa Benítez Blog (Youth Football), movement is paramount to the first three years of a child’s life. It develops a child’s ability to observe and create as well as developing his coordination skills, and subsequently, his sense of balance, space and time. So in reality, a child could begin training and learning soccer between the age of 1-3. Although research shows that kids can begin to play soccer between ages 1-3, it also shows that the best time for a child to acquire physical…

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