How Social Networking Services Can Be Defined As? Essay

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While people have been using the internet to unite with others since the early 1980s, it is only in the last decade that social networking services have multiplied and their use has become a common practice particularly amongst young people (Horizon, 2009).
Social networking services can be defined as:
Web-based facilities that allow individuals to (1) build a public or semi-public profile within a restricted system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and negotiate their list of connections and those made by others within the system. The nature and language of these connections may vary from site to site (boyd & Ellison 2007).
Over the past few years social network has evolved from simple communications centres to a wide range of discussion areas for politics, for fans, for individuals, creating and changing businesses as well as overall transforming people’s lives.
Today, social networks such as Facebook and twitter are new methods of social communication, discussion, chatting and collaborations with others. Social networking sites enable users to share ideas, to post comments and participate in activities and events. Social networks are now used for different reasons by various users, from general talks with friends to spreading breaking news, from setting up dates for events to following election results.
Social network has established positive and negatives effects of its…

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