How Social Media Has Influenced And Impacted The Way We Live Essay

1312 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Today’s culture is immersed in social media which has influenced and impacted the way we live. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have shaped our culture. These platforms are used to represent our lives in a way we would like to be portrayed. Having a perfect, fun, and exciting lifestyle is essentially the goal of such representation. Keeping in touch with friends, staying up to date on current events, fill up spare time, share opinions and for entertainment are all key components of social media usage. Specifically, Instagram’s influenced will be analyzed because of its difference from the other accounts. What makes Instagram different is all of the content is strictly photos. Within each profile there is a collage of a person’s profile. The collage in the profile shows a representation of their lifestyle. All celebrities have Instagram accounts and it seems as though they are the most influential on the general public. The interesting component of this phenomena, is how social media, along with celebrity culture greatly influences lifestyle choices and the study at hand will explore this concept. What’s new about this research is the impact of solely Instagram has never been analyzed. Previous research has indicated that this concept is evident on the influence in everyday people’s lives. In “Effects of Social Media on College Students”, research explains how social media effects the day to day lives of college students. In the study participants were given an…

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