How Significant Are Factors Of Opportunity In Making Career Choice Essay

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Register to read the introduction… How significant are factors of opportunity in making career choices? 3. How significant are factors of personality in making career choices? 4. Which factor, environment, opportunity, or personality, is most significant to students?
The significance of the study is as follows:

1. Some students do not begin to explore ‘real’ career possibilities until after graduation. Academic colleges, technical colleges, industry, and armed forces can provide students with relevant information earlier in their schooling. They can be more aggressive, giving students information they could test and use in their daily studies and apply to their career choice.

2. Before graduating, some students do not consider enough alternative choices in career selection to justify making an informed decision. Sources of influence such as parents or mentors could be brought into a circle of counseling and discussion, to help the student form a comprehensive career plan or outline.

3. Industry can examine where, why, and when it could be beneficial for them to invest resources to train and educate students.

4. If career planning is implemented in an efficient manner, students would at the very least be following a career plan of informed decision-making, rather than one of
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What they would like to be, and what they are like, is determining factors in their career. The personality factors to be considered include their mental abilities, special abilities, and interests. Splaver (1977, p.1 3) considered factors of mental abilities to be “verbal comprehension, word fluency ability, spatial ability, numerical ability, reasoning ability, and memory.” Splaver matched careers with abilities in backing up her reasoning. She urged students to become familiar with their personality in order to guide their career choice. A developed career plan included evaluation of personality through self-assessment, and communication with others, another trait that depended heavily on personality, according to Harris and Jones (1997). Self-knowledge is shown to be a domain with many pathways (Anderson, 1995). In this domain, self-knowledge is the first of three integral competency areas stated in the National Career Development Guideline (National Commission Site,

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