How Scout Should Be Raised Essay example

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Aunt Alexandra and Atticus didn’t always see eye to eye on how Scout should be raised. Since Atticus had been raising Scout alone since she was two, he had never forced her to act like a girl, as it was something he probably wasn’t familiar with and wouldn’t have been able to teach. He simply wished that Scout would make her own decisions and learn from her own experiences. Jem was taught by Atticus, since Atticus was a gentleman Jem simply had to observe. For Scout though, observing wouldn’t have been enough. Yes, she could have spent more time with Miss Maudie or Calpurnia, but she wished to run around outside with her older brother, and Atticus was fine with her decisions. Even though he was a single father, Atticus didn’t want or need Scout to be the woman of the house.
Harper Lee used this book to explore gender roles that she too experienced when she was young. Lee was a tomboy herself, and she often served as her best friend’s body guard since he was picked on at school for the fancy clothes he wore and for the fact he didn’t like the same things as most of the boys. Harper Lee was boyish and spent a lot of time with her borthers. You can make plenty of connections between Harper Lee’s life and that of Scout Finch. They’re like two peas in one pod. That would probably be way gender roles are so prominent in the novel.
Even though a lot of kids conform to gender roles and gender stereotypes, there are always a select few who don’t act as they should or feel misplaced,…

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