How Reflective Practices Can Help Us Essays

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This essay explores how reflective practices can help us to understand our actions and how we can improve upon these to ultimately make ourselves a better and more effective teacher. A reflective practice is a tool that can empower an individual through the process of focusing their thinking, therefore supporting self-knowledge and understanding (Sellars, 2014).
Reflective practice is a self-reflective process and Shepherd (2006) states that “in making sense of one’s situation, we are constructing our own experiences”. He introduces a technique to help with this; journal writing.
Keeping a journal in professional practice can become a means of reflection as you are able to look back at past events and are able to remember and gain understanding into the thought processes of that day, event, situation and problem. This can be useful as a tool for improving the effectiveness of how that situation is handled in the future, as you are able to reflect on what has and has not worked previously. Journaling also works as a database of examples, ready to be used at any point during a professional career, by exploring these examples, and analysing them for successes and failures. Holly (1989) states that a journal is a way to capture reflection-in-action.
‘Reflection-in-action’ (Schon, 1983) is a continuous process that enables a teacher to be always thinking and engaging in an internal monologue, linking their existing ideas and knowledge to the current action and allowing this to…

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