How Public Transportation Has Affected The People Of All Race, Gender And Social Class

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Public transportation has been around since the 1820s which has helped people of all race, gender and social class to travel from one place to another. Majority of Americans think just because someone is riding the bus or other forms of transportation, they do not have a car or cannot afford one, which is not always the case. Some People enjoy taking the bus, because it allows them to save gas money. I saw a friend of mine at the bus stop near Corbett gym get onto a bus and I noticed that she had her car keys in her hand and I thought to myself, why is she getting on the bus when she has a car and can just drive anywhere she wants? So I asked a couple of my friends with cars would they ever get on the Heat Bus or the GTA? Some of them responded quickly to a no. They figured that since they had a car they do not need any other transportation to get them where they needed to go. They mentioned their car can get them faster to the destination they had to go without standing in the hot sun and they did not have to worry about if there was enough seats to for everybody, they were guaranteed a seat in their own car. As for me, I do not have car and I heavily rely on all my friends to take me places. All I say to them is “If anyone is going to the mall or Walmart or any else let me know so I tag along”. Some of my friends are nice enough to let me tag along for free while one of my friends is not so helpful so I do not call on him very much.
Using the bus for the past five days…

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