How Procrastination Has A Negative Impact On My Education Essay

1098 Words Nov 10th, 2014 null Page
The frantic scrambling of pencils on paper, and fingers on the keyboard are in pursuit of receiving full credit. That moment when time seems to move faster than I ever thought possible. If only I could squeeze a few more ounces of time out of what little I have left. These are the thoughts that surface in my mind on quite a routine basis. These thoughts are brought upon by an all too stressful reality that I for whatever reason am too stubborn to avoid. No matter how great of an attempt I make to defeat procrastination, it always finds a way to take a hold of my plans. Procrastination has a huge negative impact on my education, my home life, my well-being, and my educators’ perspective of me.
I have never been one to perform well under stress, and I have always struggled to keep focus in tense situations. I am a firm believer that stress and procrastination are directly correlated in my life. When I wait until the last possible second to get my schoolwork done, I am bombarded with an overwhelming amount of stress and it causes me to perform more poorly than I would under normal circumstances. This has a very negative impact on the quality of my work, which ultimately leads to less than adequate grades on my assignments. I have always been a student who performs well and receives high grades, but if I intend to keep that streak going I need to rid myself of this terrible habit.
While procrastination has an enormous impact on my grades, it also takes a toll on my life at home…

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