How Poverty Affects Children 's Education Essay

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In my article, How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement, By Eric Jensen, it talks about how poverty affects children’s education and their involvement in the classroom. It also talks about several things that teachers can do to help change this, and get them more involved in their education. The article starts out by saying that students from low-income households are likely to struggle for seven reasons. These seven reasons are; health and nutrition, vocabulary, effort, hope and mind-set, cognition, relationships, and distress. As a teacher it is your job to recognize the worry signs and know what to do in case a student of yours in going through this.
The first reason is health and nutrition. When a child comes from a house of poverty, they are more than likely to not eat a lot at their home. The poor nutrition affects matter mass in the children’s brain, making it so they cannot achieve. These children are also less likely to exercise, get medical attention, and receive medicine when needed. This means they are more likely to become ill, and experience serious problems in the future. The next issue is vocabulary. Children in low- socioeconomic homes, have a smaller vocabulary, and do not understand everything that higher-socioeconomic children do. Children also feel that they need to put no effort into learning. They do not feel that it is important. This leads into mind set, and goal setting. If they put no effort in then they will not set goals, or have the mindset to…

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