How Poor Leadership Affect The Performance Of Employees And The Organization

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In comparison, among researchers (Gelso, 2006; Harlow, 2009; Wacker, 1998), there are some similarities in how a good theory is developed, depending on the type of study being conducted. Among the various articles about how poor leadership affect the performance of employees and the organization, there are a few theories that can be used for this framework. Gelso (2006), explains that a good theory should tell the story of why two or more variables in a study correlate and how the effects of one of the variables cause a reaction to the other variables. Additionally, the reason why there is a relationship between variables, must be clearly stated. Furthermore, a theory should describe an overall picture of a study or experiment being conducted.
During a research, developing a theory is important, because in order to build a framework for a field of study, it should relate to real world events (Wacker, 1998). A good theory, explains the variables in a study and the relationship between the variables which sparked the study. Additionally, a good theory is generalized and shows consistency throughout a study or an experiment. Harlow (2009) states that a theory is developed through the strengths and limitations of a topic that can be tested and identified. Throughout a study, researchers applies a process of deductive and inductive reasoning. Developing a theory involves testing of variables, which means that through this process, a theoretical contribution can be introduced.…

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