How Pets And Nature Have Helped People Cope With Difficult Situations

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The current research explores animals are able to aid humans after a break up of any kind. The overarching thesis is playing with an animal can help the person cope with a break up because of the change of focus to something else. The important role that dogs play is that having a bond with “man’s best friend” means that the animal can sense when the owner is feeling bad, in this case going through a break up, and then make the owner feel better by being there for them. In the first section of the paper, I will discuss background research on how pets and nature have helped people cope with difficult situations. Then, I will discuss my hypothesis that is that dogs help people cope with emotional situations specifically break-ups. Then, I will briefly discuss the sample group selected how they will have to interact with the dog. Finally, I will discuss how this affects the groups and what the conclusion will be.
Doing research about the subject some studies have shown people with animals are happier and that having pets can even help with rejection. In a study 97 undergraduates with an average age of 19, found that pets can make people feel better after a break up. ( McConnell,2011) Subjects were asked to write about a time when they felt excluded. Then they were asked to write about their favorite pet, or to write about their favorite friend, or to draw a map of their campus. The researchers found that writing about pets was just as effective as writing about a friend…

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