Essay on How Personality Can Be Defined By Merriam Webster Dictionary

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Personality can be defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a set of emotional qualities or ways of behaving that make a person different from the next. This may seem like the easiest way to describe personality but it is definitely more than that. Psychologists use four main perspectives for evaluating personality: humanistic perspective, social cognitive perspective, trait perspective, and lastly psychodynamic perspective. I personally feel like there is a lot that goes into a personality than just emotional qualities. The three most important concepts that elaborate on personality include external environment, process of punishments and rewards, and a person’s expectations. An external environment is classified as a person’s outward surroundings. These outward surroundings can create a positive or negative environment depending on the activities taking place. External environments are highly influential on a person because these are the endeavors they are constantly exposed to. If a teenager witnesses his friend have a bad attitude towards someone at school every day, the teenager is more prone to develop a bad attitude towards the same person then if he weren’t exposed to this behavior every day. This is an example as to how the environment can influence someone’s behavior or personality. My personality has recently been effected by my environment as well. My roommate developed a habit of being responsible when it comes to her school work and grades. Shortly after I…

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