Definition Of Personality Nature Vs Nurture

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Have you ever been in a room with that person that can just really bring out every good thing in you without you even knowing what’s going on? What makes that person be able to walk in and control that whole place? Well that would be there personality, you might wonder how someone could get that personality? That is where our main argument comes in to play. Is what makes your personality nature or how you are nurtured. Well my belief is that your personality is shaped by your upbringing or the way you are nurtured, everyone has a different personality of course, but I believe that the people you are around effect who you are.
What is personality? Personality can be viewed as a few different things, all depending on who ask and how you look at it. We will take a look at many different views of personality and how nature or nurture has a play in those. The actual dictionary definition of personality is “an individual’s unique and relatively consistent patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving” (Sandra E. Hockenbury, 2016). So, basically personality is the way a person see’s and interprets the world around them, and also how they act on it. What personality means to
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There are two different arguments that are in question whenever it comes to this subject. Those thoughts are, is personality created by nature or nurture?
Nature is the thought that each person’s personality is passed on by generation to generation. “Natural human behavior is seen as the result of already-present biological factors, such as genetic code." (Boundless Psychology, 2016) So each person has one of their parent’s personalities or a weird mixture of both.
Nurture is the theory that your personality is built by the things that you are surrounded by, such as the people or your environment. “Nurtured human behavior is seen as the result of environmental interaction, which can provoke changes in brain structure and chemistry.” (Boundless Psychology,

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