Essay How Parents Exert A Powerful Influence On Our Lives

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Parents exert a powerful influence in our lives. When the teenagers reach adolescence, they start to think abstractly. Most teens are less rebellious as they have begun to establish their own identity, their own belief system, and their own place in the world. Some youth who have reached the highest levels of moral development others feel passionate about their moral code; as such, they may choose to participate in activities that demonstrate their moral convictions. Some get lessons by their peers and by their work experience. For example, some college students may organize and participate in demonstrations and protests while other students may volunteer their time for projects that advance the ethical principles they hold important. In my adolescence, I worked at a cancer clinic which develop my thinking towards people that I should help them.
What drew me to biology was my aunt Sumita. She was diagnosed with liver cancer, and she was receiving chemotherapy during my high school days. My family was informed by the doctors that my aunt had only two months to live. Aunt used to live with us; hence, my mother was very keen that during her last days every family member should visit her in the hospital. Due to edema (a condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body), she had difficulty in breathing and posture. Her lungs were filled with partial fluid and she got pneumonia. She was on chemotherapy which was making her…

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