How Parent Involvement Can Make A Big Impact On Student Success

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Introduction Over the years parents being involved with their children’s education has been on the decline. Has the lack of parent involvement added to this decline? There are programs to try and get parents more involved, unfortunately, these programs are only being utilized by a few schools. According to Child trends, website parent involvement rose considerably from 1999 – 2007 but declined by the year 2012 (Child Trends, 2013). National Council of Professors of Education Administration (NCOPOEA, 2011), states that a study done by NCPEA showed that parents want a good education for their children and expect their child’s school to deliver on that expectation, but parent involvement continues to decline (Rapp, 2011). There have been studies that show parent involvement can make a big impact on student success. There are many different issues that can keep families from participating in their child’s education from, working too many hours, single parent, simply do not fell it is their responsibility and many other situations. There are studies showing that this situation is a bigger issue in the African American and Latino households. One research study published in The Study for Research in Child Development (TSFRCD, 2013), this study parent involvement from several angles, school-based, home-based, and academics socialization. The study was done using 1,056 students (51% males, 53% European American, and 40% African-American, and 7% other). The study showed that…

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