How Overparenting Affects Your Child By Elizabeth Danish Analysis

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A child is a lot of responsibility. When deciding to become a parent or guardian of a child, more than just providing food, clothes and shelter needs to be taken into consideration. You also provide the child with a foundation of knowledge and life lessons. In this day and age, there are many debates on how much a child should be exposed to. Some say a child should be sheltered from certain aspects of life in order to remain innocent. However, is that helping the child?
In search of an answer, I have come across an article called “How Overparenting Affects Your Child” by Elizabeth Danish. In this article, Danish discusses parenting and some common flaws. She starts by using an example of not giving a child enough independence due to fear that
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Tait discusses how children should not be taught certain components of the world until considered old enough. His logical stance is that too much information at a young age “can be damaging to neural development” (Tait). He explains that “in our current world, children are subject to a veritable surfeit of information which, unfiltered, can destroy their innocence and produce social and emotional problems on a scale that we are only now properly recognising”(Tait). This statement help strengthen argument and due to the vocabulary he chooses to use it is clear his audience are parents of higher education.
As mentioned before, Tait is the headmaster of Sherborne preparatory school. In his article he described an anecdote of a time when he was teaching teenagers and discovered a program that made the students aware of elements of life that can be considered dark. He informs his audience that “there was not one ray of joy” in this program (Tait). This lack of happiness as it appealing to an emotional angle, Tait says, comes from educating children at an incorrect time in their lives. As indicated this anecdote helps verify his credibility in giving advice to parents on how they should go about informing their
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One in particular, comes to mind as she is obviously unexposed to life issues. During a sex education presentation, she shied away and was shocked about certain details. She is eighteen years old and still has to ask her parents for permission to go out. As her parents continue to attempt to shield her from the rough aspects of life, my concern is that she isn’t receiving the opportunity to mature to an equal level as her peers. In the same way Danish mentioned, this may cause her not to fit in and eventually be labeled as an outcast. Additionally, when she does become sexually active she won't be aware of the risk and/or signs of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Her parents may be thinking that they are helping keep their daughter safe but in reality this lack of knowledge places her in more

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