How Of Effectively Lead And Motivate Salespeople Essay

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How to Effectively Lead and Motivate Salespeople

With the advance of technology and globalization the business world became a fast changing environment in which companies need to be in constant change in order to maintain achieving positive results. This rule is the same when it comes to sales management, and change must be applied to keep up with the innovations and with the competition that is always arising in the market.

But, although it may sound like it is a simple thing to be done, changes are not that well accepted by everyone. In the sales management scenario, according to the 20-50-30 rule, “20 percent of people will embrace change, 50 percent will be neutral, and 30 percent will resist change” . It is clear that change is not an easy process, so a strong driving factor must act to help the changing process, and this factor is a good leader. A leader will inspire his followers to embrace change by highlighting the importance of the new process and the relevance that the team will have on that matter. The leader will motivate his team to accept it by showing that the leader himself also accepts it, and the followers will end up doing the same since they trust their leader. Plus, since one of the sales manager`s main attributions is to “develop a clear line of sight between sales actions, sales goals, and business outcomes” , they really have to know what they are doing.

Well prepared leaders will focus their effort on those who want to embrace change since they…

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