How Mathematics Can Be Taught For Software Engineering Students

748 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
In this paper, the author has explained how mathematics can be taught to software engineering students. It is important for software engineering student to know mathematical foundation and techniques to solve problems. Mainly the foundation contained logic and discrete mathematics and techniques that author explained are specification and reasoning. The specification is a process in which informally given concepts are transformed into mathematical model and theory. The reasoning is the process in which process in analyzed which is used for designing formal specification which has a formal logical base. The paper is more focused on specification than reasoning.
The author has categorized the issues he encounters in his teaching career. The first is the aim of using formalism or going through the specification. The second is identifying the system that you want to specify. The third is ways to specify them. The fourth is the ways of writing it down. Some of the reason for specifying are given by the author. Those are providing an abstract description of your system design, to perform formal analysis or to create an additional document of the system. The author has provided the responses when he asked these questions to the students. Once it is clear to the student what to specify then it is easy to determine exactly what should be formalized. According to the author, while details are increasing people want to formalize properties of the system, global correctness of the…

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