Provenzo's Rhetorical Analysis

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The situation is that Provenzo’s primary focus has been on education as a social and cultural phenomenon (para 1). One of his concerns, has been the role of the teacher in society (para 1). In paragraph one, the situation is, “To a large extent, Hirsch, in his efforts as an educational reformer, wants to establish a national curriculum.” (para. 1). He is motivated to write by responding to Hirsch’s argument about curricular fragmentation (para. 2). Hirsch states in paragraph one, “We have viewed this dispersion of educational authority as an obstacle to altering the fragmentation of the school curriculum even when we have questioned that fragmentation (para 1). Provenzo is also motivated by the idea that a national curriculum does exist (para …show more content…
The writer’s language implies that the readers are literate, intelligent, and are aware of the issue. He implies that he is professor in at the University of Miami, and he has concerns about the role of the teacher in society (para 1). Provenzo also implies that he is interested in the impact of computers on children, education, and culture (para 1). The structure of the essay at first introduces Hirsch’s perspective, and then transitions into Provenzano 's opinion (para 1). He references to Hazel Whitman Hertzberg, who criticized Mr. Hirsch curriculum (para 2). The other reference is to Mr. Hirsch, who believes that there is no national curriculum (para 5). Provenzo also references to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the Council of Teachers of English (para …show more content…
She addressed my needs of how to get the reader’s attention by explaining how to close the distance between the writer and the reader. Flower also mentions that people can have different associations on a particular subject, based on the reader’s attitude towards that subject. Flower does show a sensitivity to her audience by mentioning that most papers are assigned as a way to teach the student a lesson (para 9). She mentions that the real purpose is to make connections between two historical periods, or to develop your own interpretation of a novel (para 9). Effective writers are using their knowledge: reorganizing, rethinking their ideas to meet the demands of the assignment or the needs of their reader (para 10). Flower uses language shows sensitivity to her audience by explaining the purpose of writing a paper, and is able to relate to what the readers are going through. It is important to know the audience, when using technical language on a subject that you are familiar with because then you will have confidence in your writing. The paper has to be at the standard that the audience is used to, and that they are able to understand. A classmate can help by adding and proofreading the paper for parts you missed or can

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