How Marriage Has Influenced By Religion Essay

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Portfolio piece 1: Does cohabitation lead to better marriages?
Today, in Western society, being in a couple does not mean that you are married or indeed intend on being married. In fact, it is acceptable for a couple to have children out-with wedlock without being judged by society. And for many, finding that special “one” involves countless bad dates and one night stands. It is now normal for people to now live with their potential spouse – and in many cases have a family - before they tie the knot allowing them time to get to know each other and save for that special day.
Couples are developing new strategies to maintain their relationships. Forgiveness and learning to give and take are important facets of a modern relationship for cohabitating couples. In contrast, in countries like Israel and Bangladesh - where courtship has been influenced by religion – moral principles are the foundations of a long lasting relationship.
With divorce rates rapidly increasing from the 1970’s, perhaps cohabitation is a safer way to enter into a long term relationship? So does cohabitation lead to longer marriages?
Cohabitation and courtship are two different styles of entering into a relationship. One more relaxed then the other. Cohabitation is the act of living together, albeit without legal or religious ratification. This is a more relaxed method then courtship as you don’t have the pressures of religious morals. Courtship is completely influenced by morals and is the period at…

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