How Lean Six Sigma Management Methodologies Essay

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This literature review aimed is to illustrate on how lean six sigma management methodologies are being adopted and applied in part or total in health care industry to improve patient’s quality of care and eliminates errors (Dedhia, 2005). Six sigma is a management technique that employs statistical tools to identify and eliminates errors and variations in a production or service delivery (Chiarini & Bracci, 2013). In health an aim of six sigma is to achieve 3.4 parts per millions defects percentage accuracy. Meanwhile lean management technique seeks to eliminate wastes and improve on turnaround time of the production (Chiarini & Bracci, 2013). Furthermore, (Dedhia, 2005) has described six sigma as a management methodology that “concentrates on measuring product, service quality, reducing variation, driving improvements and saving the cost”. Lean Management focuses on increasing speed of production and eliminating loss in process by reducing the complexity (Dedhia, 2005). It aims to develop solutions by using the minimum amount of resources such as those of (human, material and capital) and to products reach customers on time. These methodologies can be adopted and implemented in cooperate world and bring out opportunities to increase performance (Atmaca & Girenes, 2013). The flaw of lean tools methodology is that it put less emphasis on quality but concentrates more on speed and timely delivery of services (Atmaca & Girenes, 2013).
Application of lean six sigma…

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