How Leadership Impact Social Change Essay

1180 Words Jun 10th, 2016 5 Pages
During this quarter, I have obtained an in-depth understanding of how leadership impact social change through our course materials and volunteer experience. From all the experiences that I have gained throughout the quarter, I have learned that everyone in the society can make change. Most importantly, the Social Change Model (SCM) that mentioned in the Leadership for a Better World (2009) helps me to get a better sense of how to make effective change. Being aware of what is happening around us is a fundamental step to initial any types of change, and we need to insist on our goals after knowing what we are going to change in order to sustain positive social change.
Everything is changing constantly, and there are various types of issues that happening around us. In order to handle these problems, changes need to be made. As individuals, we need to be aware of the issues that happening around us first in order to takes any further actions. From the volunteer experience, I learn that being self-consciousness is extremely important because we need to know about our own beliefs and values before making decisions. We will be able to understand what we want inwardly if we have a better sense of ourselves. In addition, being more self-consciousness helps us to know about our strengths and weaknesses. After understanding our strengths and weaknesses, we will be able to strengthen our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. And we can be more confidence if we know about our…

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